Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is the Cross

This Video is a street interview where people are asked a simple question.

What is the Cross?

After seing this, you will quickly come to the conclusion of, "wow people are not very smart". I did the first time is saw this, but actually this is a very sad video clip. People are so lost and all we do is sit around and watch it happen. By we I mean me and you. I am in no way better than anyone of you reading this.

Some people called the Cross a sign of us Christians being Hypocrites. Some say they think it was a place were Jesus was murdered, but the last guy couldn't have said it any better. He said that "without the cross we would have no salvation because with no cross our sins would have not been paid for and we would still have the debt of sin in our lives."

I want to go back to my last blog and explain it some more.

We are always asked what do we think Love feels like or looks like? Those are both really hard questions to answer in the long run. Some would say it looks like a heart or it feels like butterflies in my stomach. But the question I ask is what does Love sound like?

It could sound like a kiss or a gift being unwrapped, but do we ever think of Love sounding like Jesus' last breath on this earth after he died for each and every one of our sins, and not just mine but yours as well? That is a heartbreaking statement to take in.

But this is where we go wrong. Alot of times we forget about the cross and how important it is to us as Christians, and then we forget to tell others about its importance because we've forgoten it ourselves. I know I am guilty as charged.

Here is the Video

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